Eating Out

Gluten Free Pizza

Last night I had gluten free pizza for the first time.  I forgot to take a picture, of course.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

First thoughts: It came to the table looking like a Domino’s thin crust pizza (I have only seen pictures).  It was very flat with no raised crust.  The cheese, sauce and toppings were almost to the edge.

First bite: It’s a little crispy and the cheese is ridiculously hot.  Why didn’t I wait a minute?  I knew it was fresh out of the oven.  There’s no real chew to the crust and it was obviously lacking.

More bites:  Tastes pretty good and the crust gets crispier as you get to the edge.  Still missing any signs of chewiness.  Doesn’t fold up well.

Overall, much better than expected.  I’m a Neapolitan pizza guy;  I don’t like, thick , doughy machine processed crust.  The sauce and cheese were good which made up for the lack of chewiness.  I think it would have been better had the oven temperature been hotter by a hundred degrees or so.  The crust towards the edges was much better than the middle.  I think it would be good a s a slice pie.*  The pepperoni and anchovies were good.  The pepperoni was rendered nicely making it crispy around the edges.  The anchovies weren’t mushy and had both good texture and flavor.

Where to get one

*I really like getting a reheated slice from some places more than a whole one fresh out of the oven.  If it’s a decent pie to start with, reheating makes the crust so much better.  A lot of pizzas suffer from soggy middle crust. Tossing it back in the oven for a few minutes makes it crispier than it was originally.  At home, try reheating a slice in a large pan.  Really does a good job on the crust.