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New Belgium – Fat Tire

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We only recently have been able to get New Belgium in Delaware and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I don’t really consider myself a beer connoisseur.  I think a connoisseur appreciates all styles of beer while I only like a few kinds.  Does that make me a beer snob?  Maybe, but it’s not just fancy beers that appeal to me.  I am a big fan of IPAs and stouts, but will gladly drink a can of American swill.  I don’t care forBelgians or anything malty.  I can’t stand Yuengling or light beers, but have been known to drink both if there’s nothing else around.  PBR (I’m not a hipster!), Coors heavy, Bud heavy and Miller High Life are all good standbys.

What does this have to do with Fat Tire?  Well, I just wanted to give you my beer background before I told you I love this stuff.  Yeah, I know it doesn’t fit the profile of what I normally drink, but I still like it.  It’s also 5.2%ABV!  I’ve heard that it’s the Yuengling of Colorado.  Can anyone verify that?  Give it a shot if you see it.  It’s a great beer …


Graze – cracking black peppercorn

As an Asian,  I like to think that I am a good judge of rice crackers.  That said, these are not very good rice crackers.  They are a little sweet which does not blend well with the heat from the black pepper.  I would have expected them to be salty (soy sauce flavored?).  Also, they seemed greasy.  It’s a completely foreign feeling for me when eating rice crackers.  They should be light and crispy and either sweet or savory, but not both.  Adding this to my Trash list.

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A long time ago, in a town not too far away, I used to bake for Dunkin Donuts.  I worked every job except management at some point.  I cleaned up, poured coffee, and made both baked goods and donuts.  For a long time I couldn’t eat donuts unless they were freshly made.  That time has passed …

A coworker brought in donuts since he couldn’t make it into the office yesterday.  We had a big snow/ice storm and the commonwealth of Pennsyltuckey was hit hard.  Fortunately, I live in the awesome state of Delaware and have no interruption of any services.  Well, except for the road from my house to work.  Shortly after crossing into Pennsyltuckey, it’s closed.  So …  There’s a box of donuts and I couldn’t resist the one with pink icing and sprinkles.  yes, AND SPRINKLES!  So much for reducing my carb intake, but that’s another story.  (I also ate a slice of leftover pizza.)


Graze – Banoffee Pie

This stuff is delicious!  The mix of pecans, dehydrated banana, almonds and fudge really complement each other. I like the dehydrated bananas more than fried banana chips.  The fudge bits are toffee flavored.  They add a nice buttery sweetness to the nuts.  Definitely marking this one ‘Love’ on Graze.

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Leftover Pizza

There were a few pizzas put out in the kitchen yesterday afternoon.  No one grabbed the last few slices at the end of the day so I wrapped them up for today.  I hate seeing food go to waste.  I heated them up in the toaster oven after adding some blue cheese to the plain slices which was a definite improvement.


Graze – Smoky BBQ Corn

I joined recently.  I snacked on their Smoky BBQ Corn this morning.  I liked this one!  The corn nuts were crunchy and salty.  The cashews had a light smoky flavor that wasn’t overpowering.  Combined they made a nice mid morning snack (elevensies?).  I have received two Graze boxes so far.  Some stuff I liked , some I didn’t.

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