Quesada, Costa Rica – Week 1

arroz con pollo

Homemade chicken and rice with beans and salad

I spent my first week in Costa Rica not blogging anything which is no different than week 2. Weak, I know.

I was working the first week and spent almost all of the time in Quesada. Costa Rican food is delicious. They do fantastic things with rice and beans and eat them with every meal. For someone who dislikes rice (me), it gets a little boring. For breakfast, they make a rice and bean dish called Gallo Pinto. Rice, beans, peppers, and onion start the day off great. I ate big scoop every morning for the first 5 days and then called it quits. I couldn’t do it anymore. Here’s a pic of a typical breakfast: http://t.co/rgUXoFR3YA My sixth morning, I picked up pastries from a bakery and ate that for breakfast instead. I have to admit, I stopped at the bakery even when I did eat breakfast. The walk to the office from the hotel had at least THREE bakeries over the 15 minute duration.

For lunch, I just tagged along to wherever the guys in the office were going. I went to a steak house twice. I ordered a 1/2 kilo steak the first time and lengua the second time. The steak was gigantic,  http://t.co/L6VJkx62r4 , however their idea of azul is not my idea of azul. It came out closer to medium. I ate almost all of it, but couldn’t finish the well done pieces. The lengua, http://t.co/uxt9ejlhYP , was fantastic. It came smothered in gravy which I gratefully used to eat the accompanying white rice. The meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender and very rich. Both times, the entree was preceded by a thick corn tortilla with toppings. I spread some frijole s molida on top and added everything else available: peppers, carrots, some sort of giardiniera, and avocado. I ate the first one with a knife and fork. The second time, I just folded it in half like a taco. Both ways were very tasty: http://t.co/Gy9Gl8TB1H At other places I ordered tamales. The Costa Rican masa is different than the Mexican stuff I’ve had before. It is smoother and slightly denser. The pork and (of course) rice filling was complemented well by Lizano sauce. It’s a tangy brown sauce that reminds me of HP, A1 and Worcestershire. I bought a big bottle to take home. It’s in this pic with a tamal: http://t.co/U75D0rmM9C

Dinners were surprising and good! I think they eat smaller dinners in Costa Rica. The restaurants all offer bocas. They are smaller cheaper portions of entrees or just smaller plates of food. In any case, it worked out great for me. I was able to share plates and try more food. Large than Spanish tapas, bocas can give you several bites to eat when sharing. Chicharron was my favorite, http://t.co/hztMtS7TEU Nice hunks of fatty pork that are fried crispy. Served with fried yucca, too! I think I had it at least three times. They have a lot of different food in Costa Rica. I even had sushi one night: http://t.co/M10RR4kata Nothing to write home about, but still serviceable.

A great week of food!


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