Taco Bar – Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

I’m in Costa Rica for work. Leaving Delaware with all its snow couldn’t be a better time. When the car came to pick me up, it was 25 degrees. Considerably warmer and sunnier here.

My first meal of the trip was at The Taco Bar. It’s an interesting place. You order your food at a window and they bring it to your table. You have the option of sitting at a table, on ar barstool at the bar or on a swing at the bar. Once you get your food, there is a big spread of toppings, sauces and sides to add to your plate. I went with ceviche mixto, and two tacos: fried calamari and grilled mahi. The ceviche, fish and shrimp, was really good. Reminded me of the ceviche I had in Lima, Peru. All it needed was the spic aji and some roasted corn nuts. The tacos didn’t disappoint, either. The mahi was grilled nicely and wasn’t dry. I topped it with Chinese slaw (why does it have to be Chinese?) and a spicy red sauce. The calamari taco was huge and I ate a few rings before attempting to fold it up. I really can’t remember what I topped it with. I might have to hit this place up again later in the trip. It was really good.

I forgot to take a picture. I’ll have to remember to do a better job with that on the trip.

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