Sick/Snow Day Lunch

My doctor recently told me to cut down on carbs and eat healthier meats.  In response to that, I pigged out on carbs and unheathly meats at a Super Bowl party.  To follow up, I had hot Italian sausage baked in a tortilla for lunch today.

I prefer corn over flour tortillas, but have come to appreciate flour tortillas when they aren’t soft.  I like them with a little crunch and a little chewiness.  I spiral cut some sausages last week and had two leftover.  In my fridge were a bag of flour tortillas (purchased prior to my doctor’s orders) that need to be used.  Pork and tortillas?  Sounds good to me!  I heated the sausages in the toaster oven until hot, wrapped them in a tortilla and baked it until the a little crunchy on the outside.  I figured it was a little plain and dressed it up with some chimichurri I had in the fridge.  It was fantastic.  The acidity of the chimichurri cut through the savory sausages to make a perfect sandwich.  Parts of the tortilla were shatteringly crisp while others still chewy.  I am going to miss eating like a fat kid.


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